torsdag 23. juni 2011

Funny Facts of the week part three

Distance to Lindesnes: 1402km
Distance to Nordkapp: 304km
Highest Mountain Topp: 976m
Total Walking time: 205 hours 40min
Total Walking time for the week: 105hours 35min
True Walking Distance: 521km
True Walking Distance for the week: 266km

Days with rain: 14 out of 24 days
Rivers crossed without bridge: Lost counting
Missing Expedition Members: still ONE! Probably found a new member! Will revert tomorrow with more news.

We have walked from Alta, Finmarksvidda, Reisadalen and are now in Finland. We are a bit behind our schedule but its nice to have a rest day in Kilpisjarvi. Recriation with good food and Sauna is excellent. We REALLY hate mosquitos!!! No we are not paranoid they are after us with electrical tools and swimming suits´. They want to kill us and take our blood!!!!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Asbjörn and Terje,

    We met you in Finland in cabins of Pitsusjärvi, Kuontjarjoki, Saarijärvi and finally at Kilpisjärvi. Now we follow your trip like mosquitos via internet. Wishing you a lot of endurance, enjoyment and sunny hiking days!

    "Honeymoon-hikers" Päivi and Esa :)

  2. Hey Päivi and Esa.
    Was fun meeting you two "all" over Finland. Hope you enjoyed your Honeymoon and got well home!