lørdag 11. juni 2011

Funny facts of the Week

Distance to Lindesnes: 1543km
Distance to Nordkapp: 163km
Highest Mountain Topp: 432m
Total Walking time: 100 hours 5 min
Total Walking time for the week: 53hours 50min
True Walking Distance: 255km
True Walking Distance for the week: 147km

Days with rain: 11 out of 12 days
Rivers crossed without bridge: 3 (two of them was ice water with snow all around)
Missing Expedition Members: still ONE! We are expecting now that he is killed in action. Application for new member wanted.

We have our first whole resting day for the trip in Alta. The last three days we have been walking along E6 to try and regain some lost time. There are still some snow in the mountains but we hope most will be gone next week. All in all we are happy and every thing seems to be falling in to place. Hopefully the next two weeks will be better then the first two.

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